Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill - Miami

Earlier this month I visited the Brickell City Centre with some friends to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had so much fun the first time, that my sister and I had to come back again. Once you get to the Brickell City Centre, you'll feel like you been transported to another place. The glitzy lights, futuristic, sleek building truly comes alive at night.
You can easily spend a whole afternoon shopping, eating, people watching and more. The second time around we visited the Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill. The Big Easy is a South African inspired casual and refined restaurant. We stopped around Happy Hour, so we were able to try out the small bite dishes, tasty cocktails and delicious entrees.
 The ‘Big Easy’ Burger with cheddar, heirloom tomato, onion jam arugula, braai bbq sauce with seasoned fries
 Pork Belly ‘Lollipop with braai bbq sauce
 Mini Cauliflower Samosas with roasted cauliflower and green chutney
 Pappardelle Pasta with Shrimp with African spice marinated jumbo shrimp, brown butter white wine sauce
        Happy Hour Cocktail Drinks

Overall we had a great time at the Big Easy. The food is flavorful and the aesthetics to restaurants makes you feel like you're in a cozy South African Restaurant. This is a great spot to dine for lunch, happy hour and to throw a birthday celebration at night.

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