Vibes Right Now : Asake


"Mr. Money with the Vibes Right now"! Asake is the latest Nigerian artists that is topping the musical charts. He recently dropped his new album "Mr. Money with the Vibes" and I must say it's a great album! 

Asake music is a mix of Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Fuji. What I like about Asake is that he is unique and does not take himself seriously. His music takes you on an adventure, makes you feel so inspired and dance all night. This is an album where you can just play and don't have to skip songs. My favorite song so far is : "Dupe", "Sunmomi", "Ototo", "Dull"  and "Sungba" Remix. Check out some other of favorite songs from Asake. Enjoy!


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